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CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine

Small size and the unique design structure is easy to install to complex or narrow space

Product Details

1. Machine Advantages

* Small size and the unique design structure is easy to install to complex or narrow space.

* No limiting characters in the working area.

* Non-stopping working for 24 hours.

* Efficient high speed and reliable general can reach about 300m/minutes.

* Safety and environmental protection work does not produce pollution

* No daily consumption costs

* Marking effect is unique and clear, cannot be smeared and changed, water proof

* Not required for lack and offline maintenance

* US imported laser source, with super long lifetime: 45000 working hours

* Super strong anti-interference ability design

* Moisture-proof, dust-proof design

* special design for the structure, it is easy to dissemble quick-ware part without remove the main structure.

* Module design for the structure, it is easy to dissemble module component without affect the neighbouring components.

2. Application material

Metal with painting, wood, leather, glass, paper box, film, plastic etc.

3.Machine structure

V330C Laser Marking Machine



Easy install, easy move,

Easy adjust the height and distance.

It can fix the machine firmly and machine fixing angle can be adjust easily.

Water proof, easy to do cleaning behind the stand.

Easy to dissemble the machine without dissemble the stand.

4. Software

V330C Laser Marking Machine

5. Unique Technology

V330C Laser Marking Machine

6. Technical Parameter

V330C Laser Marking MachineCO2 DS 30F 
    Machine general machineMachine materialAluminum structures
Generator laserEnclosed metal for CO2 laser generator
Output power≥30W
Laser wave length9.3um
LensHigh precision 2 dimensional scanning system
Marking speed≤18000mm/s
Main control systemHighly integrated motherboard, embedded 7 inch screen
Operating systemWIN CE
Cooling systemwind
   Laser marking parameterFocus zoom lensfocal length 130mm
Marking line typeRaster font, vector font for choosing
Min.line width0.03mm
 Repeat-ability accuracy0.01mm
Working area90mm×90mm or other
PositioningRed light positioning and focusing
Lines of markingNo limited in working area
Speed0~100m/min (depends on the material)
 Supporting languageFontsChinese and English, Numbers, such as traditional Chinese standard repertoire
Power Consumption900W
Net weight25kg
Working  environmentThe external temperature 0 ℃ - 45 ℃; Humidity of 95% or less; The condensation; No vibration

7. Main Configuration Parts list

No.Second system nameParts nameTypeQUA./pcOriginal Place
  1  Laser marking head lens1064-31US
High speed scanning lens
2Generator laserGenerator laser30W1US
3Red light positioning system

4Computer and software control system7 inch touch screen
Marking soft system
5PowerPower switchS600-48W1Taiwan
6HolderX, Y holder
7optoelectronic switch  Photoelectric sensor
8Turning head

9 Hand-holder controller

10Fume extractor


8. Samples

V330C Laser Marking Machine