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Double heads Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Dots laser Double heads Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine widely use for Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather,garments, MDF, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood etc.

Product Details


Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine widely use for Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather,garments, MDF, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood 




Material :Acrylic, wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic,glass and other nonmetal materials,etc.


Applicable industries:


1:Advertising industry:


Double-colored board carving,Organic glass carving and cutting, label carving, crystal cup carving, Warranty signed carving.


2:Carved gifts and crafts industry:

Wood, Bamboo, Ivory, Bone, Leather,  paper.


3:Packing and printing industry:

Rubbery board, Plastic board, Double-layered board, Model cutting board.


4:Leather clothing industry:

Complex characters and pattern carving , Cutting on hypoderm, Synthetic leather ,Man-made leather , Cloth .


5:Architectural model industry:

ABS board cutting, Model carving.


6:Production totem industry:

Appliance signs, Anti-fake commodities marking.


Machine Features


1. Laser engraving cutting offers a huge number of advantages to its users:

2. Laser engraving cutting allows for great control over beam intensity, length and heat output

3. Laser engraving cutting uses an extremely low level of power consumption, typically around 10Kw as compared to 50Kw used by other processes

4. Laser engraving cutting can work with a huge range of materials 

5.Laser engraving cutting is a non-contact process, meaning that the laser beam itself never actually touches the material it works with. This reduces heat damage to the surrounding area, which increases productivity by decreasing downtime and repair costs

With the above advantages, it is easy to see why laser cutting is becoming so widely used.

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine


• Laser-type : Sealed CO2 laser tube, water-cooling, 10.6um

• Laser power: 80W(other wattages available)

• Machine Power: 220VAC

• Engraving area: 1200*900mm, 1300*900mm, 1400*900mm, 1400*1000mm, 1600*1000mm(other size available)

• Max engraving speed: 0-30,000mm/min

• Max cutting speed: 0-24,000mm/min

• Laser output control: 1-100% software setting

• Location precision: less than 0.01m

• Highest scanning precision: 50-1000DPI

• Operating temperature: 0 - 45C

• Operating humidity: 5- 95% non-condensing

• Minimum shaping character: English 1x1 mm

• Driving system: Micro-step motor and amplifiers

• Cooling mode: -based chiller and water flow sensor

• Auxiliary equipment: Vacuum/Exhaust fan, air-exhaust hose, air-assist pump

• Work surface: Iron honeycomb

• Controlling software: Ruida

• Compatible software: TAJIMA, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, ...and more

• File formats supported: JPG, BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI...

• Color separation: Uses color property to set function, speed, and laser power.


Standard Configuration:


Laser Cutter/Engraver, Water cooling pump and tank, Air Pump, Exhaust blower, Software and Software User Manual, Machine operation Manual, Software User Manual, Trouble Shooting Manual, Communication cable, Power cable, Lenses and Laser tube (80 Watts), Machine operation Manual, USB Communication cable.


Detail Images

Easy to Use LCD Control Panel 

User Friendly LCD control panel allows the user to quickly change selected program and modify machine operational conditions. You can Start, Stop, Pause, Reset, Datum, Test Fire, Outline engrave project area, Move the X or Y axis, LCD Viewing Display, Z-Axis up/down, Control Interior light, Emergency Stop, Lockout the operations with the Key.

  Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Dedicated Micro Processor Controller for great performance


The heart of the laser machine is the industry leading Ruida controller. The Ruida motion controller is connected to the computer by USB connection. The computer downloads the project to the laser motion controller and it does all the work, leaving the computer and operator free to work on the next project. The dedicated Ruida controller has RAM onboard to store large projects without re-downloading from your computer.

Laser tube

The standard laser tube is 80w. Alpha supplies 80-180 laser tube for your choice, you can choose according to your work and the work piece thickness. 

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Transmission system

The guide liner is Taiwan Hiwin square rail, which is durable, after long time use, it will still have high precision. The belt is Shanghai Fu long brand, it is durable and hard deformed.

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine


Alpha supplies blade and honeycomb table for your choice, you can choose according to your requirement.

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Air Pump

The air pump is used for three basic reasons. The primary reason is the push fumes away from the laser's focal lens. This protects the lens from contaminants which could destroy the lens. The second function of the air pump is to push air into the material's kerf as created by the laser beam. Air that is applied to the kerf will remove debris/fumes and allow the laser light to penitrate deeper through the material. The third reason is that the air will help to cool the material. If the laser cut/engraved material stays hot, then it could warp or shrink. This air pump is a diaphram style which does not require oil. Oil or water in the air line could be projected directly onto the focal lens. This air pump has a higher air flow rate and is quieter than other piston-stroke designs.


Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Blower / Fan / Vacuum

The vacuum blower creates an air flow to remove dust and fumes from the work area of the laser machine. It is important to remove the dust and fumes from the laser engraving areas because dust can settle onto the mirrors or lens. Dust on the mirrors or lens will create a focal point of the laser's heat and soon destroy the optics. The fumes need to be removed from the operator work area because they can be irritating and unhealthy. The blower can also be connected to a vaccum box to pull air through the work material.

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine


American imported material made lens, making the lens with high quality. 

CO2 lens

Pass-Thru Doors


The laser machine frame is built with doors that allow materials to extend out the front and/or rear of the machine. The pass-thru is helpful when engraving or cutting material that cannot fit completely inside the machine. Examples: Engraving pictures onto a bathroom shower door. Rolls of fabric threaded into the rear door, engraved or cut, and then pulled out the front door. Engraving the front door to my house. Engraving very large mirrors or sheets of glass. The limits are endless.


Castor Wheels


The various models of laser machines can weigh from 300 to more than 1000 pounds. Every machine is equipped with castor wheels to make it easier to move it around the workshop or office. While the castor wheels are great for moving the laser machine around the building, the laser machine is also equipped with leveling pads. The leveling pads should be used for long term stabilization of the laser machine.

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Laser Head 

Dotslaser supply short and long laser head for your choice. short laser head usually for cutting, long laser head usually for engraving. 

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Options parts

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine



The multi-heads can work together, so the machine will have higher effectiveness. 


Automatic up-down table


It is automatically, using two motors to lift the table. It often match with a rotary axis, when engraving 3D l objects or the objects height beyond the laser machine working height, the automatic up-down is necessary. Alpha use high quality ballscrew, the service time is much longer. 


Rotary Axis 


If you want to engrave bottle or other cylindrical objects, you should choose the rotary axis, it always together with the automatic up-down table.


Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine

Co2 Laser cutting and engraving machine