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Glass product UV laser marker

Why use UV laser?

  UV laser marking machine has shorter wavelength, which hurt the material very less, so the marking quality is better than fiber and CO2 laser.

Product Details

Machine Photo.

Glass product UV laser marker


(1) It is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, electric wire, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products.

(2) Automobile and motorcycle spare parts, auto glass, instrument appliance, optical device, aerospace, military industry products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware.

(3) Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry.

(4) Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film etching, ceramic cutting or engraving, clocks and watches and glasses.

(5) It can be marked on polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for surface processing and coating film processing, pervious to light polymer materials, plastic, fire prevention materials etc..

Product Features

  1.  High speed with galvanometer, stable,high precise.

  2.  Small valume,light weight.

  3. Low power consumption: less than 800w.

  4. Completely Water cooling ,low energy.

  5. No influence of the sevete environment and temperature change.

  6. Compatible with common image processing functions.

  7. Feature-rich software designNet Power.

  8. Stability and reliability of light path system and control system.

  9. High cost-effective.

  10. Easy to maintenance.


1Laser sourceOptowave,PI,RFH,INNGU
2Laser power3W/5W/8W/10W/15W
3Scan head10mm aperture
4Working area100x100mm~300x300mm
5Control cardJCZ
6Control programEzcad
8Beam quality(㎡)<0.8
9Marking speed≤10,000mm/s
10Graphic formatPLT,DWG,DXF,BMP,JPG
11CoolingAir cooling/water cooling
12Min.line width0.01mm
13Repeat precision±0.001mm
14Applicable formatAI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
15Operating temp10~35℃
16WarrantyOne year


Glass material UV laser marking machine


Glass material UV laser marking machine

Glass material UV laser marking machine