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DOTSLASER UV laser support the KN95 process

Apr. 23, 2020

Start from this year ,whole world is fighting with Covid-19 ;People are suffering the pain ,number of global infections is 

increasing every day,how people can protect the virus from person to person , the best way to protect is stay home ,When 

you go out, you should pay attention to the protection and wear a good mask, which makes the demand of masks increasing 

day by day. Civil masks, medical masks, N95 masks and kn95 masks, etc;DOTSLASERUV laser marking machine which make a best 

solution to work on KN95 label engraving ,why we choose DOTSLASER UV laser marking machine ,Cause the laser process effect 

is high, the damage to the material is small, the permanence is good, the consistency is good,  laser is no maintenance , 

the consumable is little and protect the environment;Human will win in the virus fight;To know more watch the video .


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